Friday, March 10, 2006


Interesting piece in the Daily Mail today regarding the topical subject of ‘Amarillo’

It seems that in this particular case, a woman who played the track repeatedly into the Wiltshire night air was hit with as Asbo, a £500 fine, and then had the offending stereo equipment seized by the local council.
All of this because the track was audible in the house next door, and the neighbour whose delicate ears had been assailed by the racket, decided to complain to the environmental health department at her local authority.

So, there you have it, a precedent has been set.
We now have legal backing for our attempts to stop the club from making us look stupid on national television, and we can stop Tony Christie’s impromptu gig before it starts with a few well-placed phone calls to Greenwich Council. Surely the din will be heard in the local streets, just claim to be a local resident of either Harvey Gardens or Charlton Lane when you call.

Seriously though, what are we thinking with this. You can tell by the reaction of supporters on cafcfans and from the aftermath of Inspector Sand’s post on All Quiet, we just don’t want it to happen. Surely it’s not too late to listen to the views of the fans and cancel it?

I’m of the opinion that this kind of pre-match entertainment should be banned from football. We are going to see a highly charged emotional sporting event, (an event which you could argue is the clubs biggest game in years), and there is no way we need the “velvet tongued vocalist” to raise our passions ahead of kick off. We should all be up for it anyway, why would we need his ludicrous clap along routine?

The game is on a Thursday night. Everyone is going to be coming straight from work, and it’s highly likely that the ground won't even be half full when Christie takes to the microphone. Just what is the point?
If you want to get passion and vocal support from the fans, bring out the likes of Hunt, Mendonca, Robinson, Kinsella and Brown before kick off, and then once the game starts, make sure that the teams performance is worthy of the support they are craving from us.


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