Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Euell's Diary

"The transfer window has now closed and, despite much speculation, I remain a Charlton Athletic player.
The club were more than aware of my position: I wanted to leave for the sake of my career and although a number of clubs had expressed an interest, either in terms of a permanent deal or on loan move, I feel the club dragged its heels and left it far too late in the day for the situation to be resolved.

All I can do now is keep my head down, continue to give my all in training and hope for that first-team place that keeps eluding me.

Like all players, all I want to do is play football, which was the only reason why I wanted to quit the club in the first place. I hope the Charlton fans can understand my viewpoint, particularly as a footballer’s career is so short, but all I can hope now is for the chance that I so crave – and a return to the form that helped me become a favourite with them in the first place." Jason Euell


Thought I would post that purely because Euell is a much talked about player over the last few weeks, what with his reappearance on the bench against Liverpool, and as a substitute up at City. I've quoted rather than linked because requires registration before you can even view their player diaries.

As for what he is saying, we all knew he wanted to leave the club but it's odd to see the man in his own words openly criticising and blaming Charlton for the fact that he is still with us

I've always like Jason Euell as a player. Never the most skilfull on the pitch, but he always seemed like he was giving his best for us over those first few seasons, so I’ll always respect him for that. Bit of a shame that we will never know how he would have progressed as a player over what would have been his prime years if things had gone a different way for him.
Still, he has a chance now to prove that a return to the first XI isn't beyond him, and that is exactly what he has been after. Lets wait and see what he makes of it.

Incidentally, other Charlton players on with their own diary pages include Lloyd Sam, Chris Powell, and Jay Bothroyd. Not that any of them appear to update too regularly, Bothroyd's last article was about an upcoming trip to Stamford Bridge, and Powell's was about Murphy's Charlton form igniting an England recall!

Anyway, if you fancy bookmarking the pages for future reference, go for it. To save you having to go through their needless and annoying registration process, log is as username cynicathletic, and password cynicathletic. It will then save a cookie in your browser, which will prevent you needing to re-login when you check the site in the future.


Blogger colin from welling said...

A strange situation, is Jason Euell's. Strange in that, ususally, when a player falls out with the club and is critical about it, it's at him the fans direct the vitriole, not the club.

It's very apparent though that, despite not having all the facts, a vast number of fans have more than a bit of sympathy for him and are very critical of the way the club and in particular Curbs has handled him.

Sure, there are a few who don't see it this way, who have slated him for his attitude, even accusing him of 'player power' (the episode surrounding the sacked kit-man) but I find the support for Jason very refreshing. I'm also chuffed to bits to see him back in the squad and seemingly given the chance to get himself back on track.

The cynics will say it's a move by the club to increase his value before a move in the summer but I'd love to think some of the bridges have been mended and that we'll see more of him before the season's out. After all, along with Kish, he's one of the few players we still have who we'd say are 100% players and the fans remember that.

Good luck Jase!

10:37 am  
Blogger CharltonChris said...

Totally agree with all that.

I really hope that he can turn it round. But if this is a ploy from the club in order to raise his value before a move, it could quite easily rebound and go the other way.

People will note that he is back in our side, and if his performances don't impress, we may find his value falling still further.

5:02 pm  

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