Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Reid sneaks in on the quiet

When I am at work I normally keep the BBC Football page open in order to keep up to date with the latest football news, and whenever Charlton sign a player I am generally besieged by text messages from various friends and family just in case I somehow missed the announcement. The system kind of broke down today though. I was too busy at work to even think about the internet, and nobody sent me a message, so when I got home and finally logged on I was totally blindsided by the news about the £3 million signing of Andy Reid.

We were linked with him about 3 years ago whilst Curbishley was in charge, but I’ve heard no mention of his name as a potential target for anybody this summer, let alone any reports linking him to the Valley.

As for my opinion of him as a player, he always looked cracking at Forest and I was gutted when he eventually moved to Spurs, but in truth he’s failed to live up to his own billing during his time at The Lane. His weight problems have been well documented in the media, and lack of effort in training has often been cited as the reason for his omission from the Tottenham side (that, and their penchant for signing 8 midfielders every season). But the lad is still only 24 years old so he definitely has the time to turn his career around at Charlton. The fee is perhaps slightly expensive when you consider that Spurs only bought for £4m. It’s hard to believe that his market value has only depreciated by 25% during his 18 months at The Lane. Still, he’s naturally left footed, comfortable on the ball, has a good set-piece delivery and possesses an eye for goal according to Iain Dowie, who also claims that the club beat off some stiff competition in order to land his signature.

Provided he can prove his fitness to the coaching staff over the next couple of days he will probably make the bench for this weekend’s game with the Shammers. In the longer term, he has primarily been signed to play on the left of a midfield foursome (or perhaps the left side of a central pairing with Faye), so Jerome Thomas will have a new rival to displace once he recovers from his injury. Midfield was a problem area for us a few weeks ago, but we now have Reid, Hughes, Kishishev, Ambrose, Holland, Faye, Rommedahl, Euell and Bolanos vying for places, with Thomas still to return and Walton able to deputise in the middle if necessary.

In an ideal world I would like to sign another striker before the window closes, but perhaps it’s wise to keep some money set aside for January. No doubt Dowie will have his first choice side settled by then, and he will be more aware of the positions in which he needs to reinforce.


Anonymous hartley said...

Well, you left out Ambrose and Sam. So, what's ID going to do with so many wingers? I certainly hopes he plays one or two of them in the middle in front of Faye. My first choice would be Ambrose, who has played there for U21 England. Thomas could also play in the middle and still lean left a bit.

10:26 pm  
Blogger CharltonChris said...

Yeah Ambrose is a fair shout. I tried to do it from memory rather than checking with the squad list :-)

Don't know about Thomas coming inside though. His strength in my opinion is breaking at pace down the wings, I wouldnt want to bring him inside because i just don't think he is creative enough to slip the right balls through to the front men. I suppose the debate isn't even relevant until he recovers though, by that time Reid could be firmly established as our regular left winger anyway.

11:01 pm  
Blogger Ken J said...

El K can play in the middle, too- and Herman played there (very well, by all accounts) for Iceland the other night.

So lots of choices for ID. I think one of the major improvements this season will be the improved performance of players not made to play too far away from their natural positions.

Hope so, anyway.

11:16 pm  
Anonymous Raoul Duke said...

I think Andy Reid is a great signing - provided he can sort his fitness out, which is something Dowie prides himself on being able to instill into his players. I'd imagine that Reid has been brought in more as an attacking central midfield playmaker (the position he often played very impressively for Forest) as he has always seemed a tad bit of a bulky farker to play as a zippy winger - even in his Forest days.

Whilst I don't want to make brash statements of us now finishing in/or around the top six, I do think we now have a squad capable enough of playing entertaining football AND finishing midtable. All down to you now Dowie.

12:13 am  
Blogger Chicago Addick said...

I think Reid is too slow to play out wide in the Prem. Thomas is much more of a threat there.

I would expect to see Reid play in an advanced midfield role. The only problem with this is that Faye or Kish may have a fair amount of running to do if we play with two wide men too.

4:05 pm  
Blogger CharltonChris said...

I think we now have too many wingers not to play with wingers!

I know what you mean though. Creativity out wide leaves the CM's with too much leg work, creativity in the middle, and teams will just play straight through us.

8:12 pm  

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