Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Press Conference Audio

Better late than never, here is the audio recording from Tuesday's press conference recorded directly from Sky Sports News.

The file is approximately 16 minutes long, and the size is a shade over 5mb.


Anonymous Joe said...

We've all heard the rumour since Christmas I think.

It must be said that he's playing up like a kid, its obvious that he wants to go and is trying to play politics as advised by his agent no doubt.

However Mr Murray is a shrewd business man ( and far more inteligent than any agent) thus can play the politics game far better than our Luke.

Obviously Luke Young wants to portray CAFC in a bad light but in my opinion all he has done is to make himself look foolish. So Mr Murray simply returns fire and now makes Luke Young look even more foolish. As you said its all gone quiet.

So it looks like the ball is in Luke's court so to speak. Should be interesting to see his next move.

Pass the dummy to him someone , pleeeassse.

Let him go for £4.x million as a minimum. He's over rated anyway.

England quality - yeah right your having a laugh.

12:09 pm  
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