Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Taylor link now official...

Hull have now officially confirmed that Charlton have shortlisted Peter Taylor, and made an official approach. The speculation has been around for days, but until now I was yet to see a meaningful quote.

This from the Hull Daily Mail...

"I am aware that Peter is on the shortlist at Charlton and that they intend to interview him. I have accepted that fact and it's now up to Charlton to make contact with Peter. I imagine that will happen soon and it will therefore depend on the talks between the two parties.
The speculation was getting a little bit high and therefore they rang me to say Peter was a name they had on their shortlist, I then gave them permission to contact Peter." - Hull chairman Adam Pearson

I suspect the club will be a little disappointed that Pearson has revealed this to the media. Especially after all of their claims that no names would be revealed until the manager is offically named by the club.


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