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Eriksson explains his decision to take Walcott to Germany -

"I've seen him perhaps three times in training. (At Arsenal training) on Saturday I saw him play 11 against 11 on a half pitch.
You can see how good the technique is because space is very small. And I saw him do some finishing." BBC Sport

Oh, you've seen him 'do' some finishing have you Sven? Well, that's just brilliant...

What an absolutely ludicrous situation this is. The Premiership's top English goalscorer has been overlooked in favour of a child who hasn't even played a minute's football in this league. In fact, I think his last first team action was against Queens Park Rangers whilst he was still playing for Southampton.

Bent has taken it the news like the gentleman that he is, but inside he must be seething. What more can the man do? He has plowed a lone furrow up front for an average Premiership outfit for the vast majority of this campaign, and yet he has still scored more league goals than Wonderkid Wayne.

Bent's comments from the official site -

“I got the phone call this morning, telling me I wasn't in the squad, and obviously it was very disappointing for me. I could perhaps have handled not being in the main squad, but not being on standby as well was quite hard to take and understand.

It's difficult to take but maybe I've got to score more goals next season, I've still got plenty of years left on my Charlton contract.
The fans have always been 100 per cent behind me and I'm sure I'll carry on scoring in front of them."

If this kid takes the World Cup by Storm, it will go down as a stroke of incredible good luck for Sven Goran Eriksson. It can't possibly be foresight on his part can it, he hasn't even seen the kid play and he openly admits that fact. What an absolute joke.


Blogger BC Addick said...

I hope you do not mind me replying with fowl language but the squad he has picked is a fucking joke. I always thought this guy is a joke after the last world cup but this is just amazing. Two unfit and injured forwards, one untried kid and another who is the white version of Leaburn. On top of that, an even bigger insult to Bent, is the fact that the palace boy has been put on the reserves. It is truely unreal...erikson is a joke. My thoughts are with you darren because if I was you I would be livid. I wish erikson fucked off years ago.

3:32 am  
Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

I have been an Sven supporter al along, but he has astounded me, maybe I could have taken Judas Defoe ahead of Bent on experience, and Crouch because he gives us something different that has rattled foreign opposition.. god knoiws why.. but Andy Johnson is a joke.. he may have topped the scoring when he was in the Prem. but half his goals were pens from his diving, only two of bents goals were pens. It now looks like Sven only played him against Uruguay to fail and he did ok, although not outstanding. Wallcott.. give me a break, he's not out of nappies yet.

Lets hope McClaren give the guy a better chance.

9:48 am  
Blogger colin from welling said...

I feel very, very sorry for Darren Bent. His public reaction, while tinged with a mild dig ("maybe I've got to score more goals next season"), is a credit to the lad.

This is nothing more than Erikkson either having the last laugh on the English public, or showing that he is the bottle-free blagger many have suspected him to be all along...


11:49 am  
Blogger CharltonChris said...

He's never even seen him play a competetive game. That is the one fact that I keep repeating over and over in my thoughts.

I just cannot comprehend that.

11:58 am  

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