Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Squad. Part 2

Here is the second half of this post

17. Sean Bartlett

A decent header of the ball, and able to hold it up relatively well, but Sean is just too old and too slow for the rigours of our league now. The signing of Marcus Bent has heralded the end for 1 or 2 of the clubs old guard of strikers I feel.

18. Darren Ambrose

Always looks dangerous when he runs with the ball I think. I was somewhat skeptical when I read about this so called 'telepathic understanding' he is meant to have with Darren Bent from his Ipswich days, but he certainly has laid on a couple of cracking balls for Darren so far this season.
A little lightweight in the tackle (lets just forget about the opening day at Sunderland), but a player who will feature heavily in the coming months and years.

19. Dennis Rommedahl

Always happy when Dennis is in the side, however, he is just so frustrating. Has the pace to frighten any left back in the division but never seems to go ahead and use it. Another member of the crab brigade who can only pass the ball sideways.
I was in the Arthur Waite the day he got the winner against Palace, and I can honestly say that singing Valley Floyd Road loud and proud to a rapidly emptying Selhurst Park was one of the sweetest football memories I've had since 1998, so cheers Dennis.

20. Bryan Hughes

Never really looked like his heart is in it until the last 4 or 5 appearances he's made.
I'm warming to him, but I'm not a huge fan yet.

21. Jonatan Johansson

Another one in the Bartlett category of players who I don't think will be with us for too much longer. He had his time as a fans favourite did JJ, and richly deserved while it lasted; but when we tried to convert him from winger to striker I can't help thinking that he got lost in the middle somewhere.
Now he just seems a jack of both trades and master of neither.

22. Chris Powell

He loves it, doesn't he. You can just tell he does when we score and when we win. A model professional who has given everything he can to almost every club he has been at. I think he will make an exellent coach for us aswell, once the time comes to hang 'em up.

23. Jonathan Spector

No positional sense whatsoever. When played at left back he constantly wanders into the middle, and when played in the middle he is constantly losing his man.
Silly perm as well.

24. Johnathan Fortune

Blows a little hot and cold, but for the most part I think he does ok at the back for us. Definitely capable of getting more goals for us from corners etc than he does at the minute. A bit like Hreidarsson, he does give away the odd silly free kick around the edge of our own box.

25. Alexei Smertin

He and Murphy were just tearing teams apart in the middle at the beginning of this campaign. He is no doubt capable of still performing in the premiership, but when his loan ends I'm not sure I'd part with any serious amount of money in order to sign him permanently.

26.Kelly Youga 28.Osei Sankofa 29.Lloyd Sam 35.Nathan Ashton

Sankofa and Sam are definitely prospects, Youga is apparently going to be a decent player in a couple of years. Can't profess to know too much about the abilities of Ashton.

36. Thomas Myhre

Almost had palpitations when the team sheet was read out vs Arsenal at the Valley and Myhre's name was on it. But when he ran towards the covered end before the match with his fists clenched and shouting "come on!!" to us in the stands I almost forgave him a terrible performance in advance. I love it when players show a bit of passion like that.

As it happens, he's played ok since. A few minor miscalculations here and there, and he still gives me the jitters when he comes for crosses, but ok.
Up at Sheffield when we asked him the score he held up 4 fingers, all the way from the other end of the ground. Love it.

38. Jay Bothroyd

Can't half strike a ball, as we have seen in the cup this season. Don't think he's ever going to be anything more than a last 10 minutes or League Cup player though.


So there they are, my opinions on the current playing staff at the club.
Opinions can be left below, if you are so inclined...


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