Thursday, May 11, 2006

Riverside Revisited (Part 2)

Here is the final video I took up at The Riverside. Once again, apologies for the time that it has taken to upload it but this one is almost 10 minutes long and fully 300MB in size, so it took about 5 hours to upload!

In my opinion this is the best of the videos that I have posted. It begins 10 minutes before kick off and runs literally up until the referee blows his whistle for the start of the match, encompassing the ticker tape parade as the teams come on to the pitch as well as the teams being read out over the tannoy system.

For those of you who can't sit still for 10 minutes, highlights of this clip (in my opinion) are the directors walking along the front of the stand (30 seconds), a superb rendition of The Valley Floyd Road (1 min 30 seconds), and the teams coming out (6 minutes 15 seconds). Skip to whichever part interests you.

Definitely worth a click even if you weren't in the ground that day. It was some atmosphere, and this is a video I will be keeping forever.


Anonymous Robinalong said...

Fantastic - many thanks for that Cynic, brought back memories of a great pre-match build up

12:08 pm  

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